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Who’s the male zodiac that love Capricorn women the most?

Who’s the male zodiac that love Capricorn women the most?

3 Answers

  1. Generally, the most compatible signs for a Capricorn are the other earth signs in the earth triplicity: Taurus and Virgo. The water signs which are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are also very compatible.

    So many other factors, though, are important in order to determine long term compatibility. If you’re the Capricorn woman, try to find out your romantic interest’s moon sign. On the other hand, if you’re interested in a Capricorn and you aren’t any of the above signs, find out her moon sign.

    The sun and moon in the same sign between two people denotes very good compatibility.

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  2. Capricorn women are most likely to marry other Capricorns, and that they marry Sagittarians least often, which is accords with traditional astrological beliefs about compatibility. Their higher-than-average divorce rate with Gemini men is also unsurprising. As for who Capricorn women are least likely to divorce, there was no statistically significant result for any sign.

    The following is an overall ranking from most common to least common marriages with Capricorn women (* indicates that the result is statistically significant):

    It’s unsurprising that Capricorn women marry Sagittarius men less often than those of any other sign. The extroverted, risk-taking, blunt-speaking Sagittarian personality is diametrically opposed to the introverted, careful, and diplomatic Capricorn persona. Capricorn is also likely to find Sagittarius unreliable, and Sagittarius may find Capricorn repressive. Sagittarius is not usually the right sign to unlock the hidden Capricorn warmth, and Capricorn can make Sagittarius feel oppressed. However, if the rising or moon signs of the two partners are more compatible, this can be a much better match.

    The higher-than-average divorce rate between Capricorn women and Gemini men probably results from a personality clash as well. Quiet, thoughtful, serious Capricorn and chatty, impulsive, playful Gemini are not the best match for long-term love unless other elements in their natal zodiacs are more compatible. There is great potential for mutual irritation here, with Capricorn finding the Gemini “flaky” or undependable and Gemini viewing Capricorn as gloomy and oppressively pragmatic.


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  3. Here are top 3 zodiac signs can make a perfect match with the Cappy lady in the reality:

    1. Taurus man
    Both Capricorn woman and Taurus man are earthy people, so obviously they can understand the way each other approaches life. These two also value money and security over other things. Together, they will discover many common goals and dreams as well.

    They are into committed, long-term relationships and have a traditional approach to dating, love and marriage.

    While the female admires the male?s dedication toward the family, it?s her diligence in building security making him appreciate.

    This union is amazing for an excellent marriage.

    2. Pisces man
    Though both are different in many ways, they unbelievably create an incredible love union. Capricorn woman leaves a stabilizing impact on Pisces man, plus offering him a great sense of security that he always needs.

    On the other hand, the guy has the capacity of helping his serious Cappy loosen a bit and have more fun with life.

    These two get strengths in their personality and complement well for each other?s weaknesses. In general, this is a union with a very bright future indeed.

    3. Cancer man
    Capricorn woman and Cancer man are considered as kindred spirits.

    They are capable of forming a successful and assuring love relationship because neither of them takes love slightly. When joining together for a team project, they are really hard-working and committed to achieving their goals.

    The relationship of Capricorn and Cancer has a maturity side which is rarely found in other pairings. No matter what they do, everything will be accomplished in a good way as long as they support each other.

    This is not the most romantic or passionate couple, of course ? both of them are practical individuals so it?s hard for both to show or display sweet gestures. Luckily, the Capricorn and Cancer pair has an excellent chance of long-term success.

    Who should a Capricorn woman marry?

    Two signs that can achieve the long-term marriage success with the Cappy are Taurus and Cancer.

    She does not seek for an emotional or spiritual friend; in fact, all she wants is a practitioner who can take care well of her children and take on the responsibility as her life partner.

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