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What job can a 14 year old girl get?

What job can a 14 year old girl get?

1 Answer

  1. I have nothing but admiration and respect for you.


    Because where most youngsters and teenagers are thinking about impressing their friends or going out for movies or dates, you are actually thinking about working.

    Seriously – if I was an employer – I would have offered you an internship straight away. However, I am not. So all I can do is not only congratulate you for your drive and desire to work – I hope through the few lines I write, they give you the necessary ideas what to do next.

    Now being 14 years old can be a challenge – especially where getting a job is concerned. And what makes it hard is the fact that:

    1. Not many potential employers would take you seriously
    2. Not many potential employers would feel that you would add much value to their organization
    3. Not many potential employers would want to take the risk of employing someone so young as anything can (or may) happen which would prove to be a risk.

    And given the fact that it can be risky for you to hunt for a job by yourself (I mean it as a Father Figure – trust me – there are some crazy people out there – so please do take care of yourself)

    So in such a scenario, the best solution would be:

    1. Ask your parents, elders or relatives to help you find a job
    2. Seek references through your elders, parents, relatives to help you land a good intern job
    3. Ask through your networks to offer you opportunities to work and learn
    4. Check around in your local neighborhood what all opportunities are available to you
    5. Have a mindset where the money is not important – rather the learning experience and skills you pick up is. And whatever you learn or whatever job you do start off with – will be a bonus later on in your life.

    Before I conclude, there is something I would like to share with you.

    I began my career as a Toilet Cleaner with no hope and no future. I honestly didn’t know what I would do and no one who knew me had any hopes for me or my future. Today I am one of the best in my industry and I earn enough where I lead a good life.

    So if someone as dumb and talent-less as me could do it – I believe you can do so much more.

    I want to conclude stating that having a growth and learning mindset like your is a recipe for success – and this is what we need in today’s generation. I have always told people – Hard Work trumps Talent any day. And for someone who is as enterprising as you are – I believe thought your discipline, dedication and desire to work – you will eventually reach the top.

    All the very best my dear.

    Loy Machedo

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