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What if Donald Trump is proven right by history?

What if Donald Trump is proven right by history?

1 Answer

  1. History will judge that President Trump “DID” act on behalf of the American people.  As he created the best American economy in over 50 years.   With the lowest unemployment rate in the African-American and Latino communities in the entire history of our nation. 

    His lowered taxes along with getting rid of countless government restrictions, regulations, required studies and endless fees attracted businesses that had left the U.S. to return.  When asked about businesses leaving American Mr. Obama simply said, “There’s nothing I can do to stop them!”   So, that’s what he did – nothing!   In attracting businesses back to operate in the U.S. Mr. Trump created millions of jobs, reduced unemployment giving Americans jobs not taken foreigners.  Stopping illegal immigration to create less completion between illegals and American workers.

    While everything he accomplished was being trashed by the New American Mainstream Fake News Media.  As they took facts, adding in their opinions and interpretations along with speculations and conjectures as they further listed twisted and manipulated the facts.  Then passed-off their information as “Factual Conclusions Based on Anonymous Sources.”   Also know as “Total Bullshit!”

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