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What are the best calculators for algebra?

What are the best calculators for algebra?

1 Answer

  1. A simple scientific/graphing calculator would be a TI-83. A more advance one would be the TI-84 Plus since you can visualize the places you edit values, such as the exponent, whereas for other calculators you will need to find the specific arrow "^" corresponding to that exponent. You can vary from $90-$110. A previously used one can be priced around $50 or less.

    The topics you learn in an algebra class may not always need the use of a calculator because many computations can be done by hand. Unless you're working with decimals and want a more precise answer you don't always need an expensive calculator to learn the course. A TI-84 calculator would be helpful if you need a graphing tool to begin learning about functions like lines where you may discuss the definition of slope and intercept.

    It also depends on what level of Algebra you are learning, such as for high school or an undergraduate class. In college you do not need a calculator for abstract algebra.

    If you have an Android device, I'd highly suggest playing around with the graphing calculator emulator app called Wabbitemu. It's on the Google Play Store. It's the same program you'd find in these calculators and you can run it on your phone or tablet. I don't even take out my personal calculator out anymore, I just use this app. Here is a screenshot of my phone screen using the app:

    The app on my menu list:

    ​Have fun learning math!

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