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Is 5’5 tall for a 15 year old boy?

Is 5’5 tall for a 15 year old boy?

3 Answers

  1. This is the height plot for males in the United States between the ages of 0 and 20.

    In case anyone is curious, the one for females is here. These graphs were compiled using data from the Centers for Disease Control.

    If you’re 15 years old and 5′5′’, that means you’re about 165 cm, and fall on the dark green line called P25. “P25” means you’re in the 25th percentile, or that you’re taller than 25% of boys your age.

    So, if we define “being tall” as being taller than most people of your sex and age group (in other words, being in the >50th percentile) then no, you’re not tall for your age at all.

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