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How many days can you get pregnant before your period?

How many days can you get pregnant before your period?

1 Answer

  1. No, because you have a period 3 days after getting pregnant. Duh!

    You can get pregnant before you’re supposed to get your period, though. But then you would not get a period for several months.

    In general, ovulation starts after about 8 to 19 days after your last period hast started and you will stay fertile for anything between 24 to 48 hours. Sperm generally doesn’t survive longer than one week inside you, although there are exceptions. So the days before your next period are the moments when you’re least fertile as the egg is dying and thus won’t be fertilized anymore.

    However, every rule has it’s exceptions and that’s what makes things so unpredictable. But it’s generally safe to assume that if you have your period then you’re not pregnant until that moment. That could still change if the sperm inside you manages to survive for about 12 days and thus past your period to the moment of ovulation. It’s rare but it happens. Yet pregnancy happens after your period even in this case, although you’ve had sex before your period has started.

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