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How does one learn meditation best

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Interested in hearing how you can learn to meditate.


1 Answer

  1. This was something I struggled with for years until I started using the app on my iPhone called Headspace.
    It takes you thru 30 day program that incrementally teaches you how to meditate.
    I first used it 5 years ago and quickly became someone who now meditates very easily anytime I choose.
    Try the app Headspace. Commit to the practice at the same time each day and you will be fine.

    I will let you know a meditation technique primarily for the purpose of detachment of the bondage between the body and mind and soul.

    Best time to Meditate is in the morning between 3 to 6 a.m.

    Best dress for meditation is white or very light yellow or purple color and loose fitting gown or pyjama suit.

    Best place for meditation is in a room with no electromagnetic gadgets like television etc. and where there is no one other than yourself.

    Best direction to face when meditating is the East or North-East.

    Best posture of meditation is what is called Padam-Asana followed by Sukha-Asana and Shava-Asana in the yogic science. You can look up Google for photos.

    Best way to Meditate is by focusing on the sound of “Ooohmm” with your consciousness and not your ears.

    You should focus at the sixth primary Energy Center in the physical body. This is also known as the Third Til or Shiv Netra.

    You should not apply any physical force to your eyes and eyebrows while practicing meditation.

    While you are meditating, your mind will try its best to distract your attention to any number of thoughts about whatever, in order to prevent you from meditating, because initially the mind doesn’t like the idea of you (Soul or Consciousness) trying to detach from the mind and trying to raise your level of consciousness from the usual 4th primary Energy Center to the 6th and 7th and 8th and 9th and 10th and 11th and 12th and still higher.

    This is because the mind has been receiving Energy from the soul and functioning in the world through the physical body for the purpose of satisfying its own need and greed without any restrictions or control of the soul and if the soul raises its level of consciousness to the 6th and higher levels then the soul will gain control over the mind (4th primary Energy Center) and the mind doesn’t like to loose its unchecked control over the soul and the physical body and be controlled by the soul.

    This is normal. So there is no need to worry about the mind distracting your focus of attention from the sound resonance of “Ooohmmm” to other areas of its own interest.

    Just take back your focus of attention to the sound of “Ooohmmm” the moment you realize that you have been distracted.

    It’s necessary to remain in the meditation practice for at least 45 minutes at a time at least once a day.

    Out of the 45 minutes if your focus of attention fixes on the sound resonance of “Ooohmmm” even for one minute total and one second at a time, you should be thrilled.

    Gradually, the seconds at a time and the total minutes will increase as the mind becomes aware about your resoluteness to practice Meditation, come what may.

    You can start the practice as above and ask for clarifications as and when necessary and I will be happy to try to resolve your queries.

    Wishing you all the best for successful meditation.

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