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How do you stop a puppy from barking all night?

How do you stop a puppy from barking all night?

1 Answer

  1. Your puppy has energy at bedtime and is probably getting some positive feedback from you for barking.

    1. Tire out your puppy before bedtime. He should want to just crawl into his bed and sleep at the end of your play session.
    2. Assuming that your puppy isn’t barking because he needs to pee: don’t interact with your puppy if he starts barking sometime in the night. He wants attention or is lonely. If you consistently go and give him attention in the night when he barks, he’ll grow to assume that barking is a good way of getting attention at night. Ignore him during the night. After a week of barking or crying without your intervention, he’ll learn that barking will not get him attention.

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