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How do you set up concrete underwater?

How do you set up concrete underwater?

1 Answer

  1. I'm not sure if this responds to what you're asking, but the most common concrete aggregate mixtures are based in hydraulic cement as a binder.

    Most of all concrete structures that you see built in these last decades are based on hydraulic cements, from buildings to bridges.

    What some people are not aware is that the concrete setting (or hardening if you will) process is not related to ambient temperature; I.e. The fact that it is hotter where you pour the concrete is not directly contributing to the setting process.

    This process is essentially chemical: an hydraulic cement as a binder will use water as a component for the chemical reaction that is the foundation of the setting process. That is, as long as you have (and maintain) the correct water quantity in the concrete mixture, the concrete will set over time.

    This is true even underwater, as long as you control the "spreading" of the actual unset mixture, with special concrete specifications and/or special formwork layed on a water bed.

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