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how do you know if someone truly loves you

how do you know if someone truly loves you when there is distance for a amount of time


4 Answers

  1. If they stay with you throughout the time you are apart and happily reunite with you when you two can be together again, they probably truly love you. However, that doesn’t mean they didn’t get some side action while you were apart. Also doesn’t mean they did. But side actions wasn’t your question, so I will say they do truly love you.

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  2. I was on my way to meet my Girlfriend today afternoon.I asked her to wait near the bus stop as I was coming by bus.

    I got down and we met.Just a few feet from the bus stop was a McDonald’s.She looked at the store as we walked by.She was on her periods and being grumpy about food I figured she’d like it if we went there.

    Me: Do you want to eat there? I know you like it there.

    Her: Okay 🙂

    As we came near the entrance, she stopped me and pointed in the opposite direction.There was a Mcrennett Bakery.

    Her: Let us eat there please.

    Me: You sure? ( I was just scared of her mood swings)

    But then she drops this on me.

    Her: As much as I love eating here, I know you hate wasting money on dates. You never say no when I ask you and I know you won’t, but I feel bad to make you spend when I don’t have money, so take me there.

    Maybe a meal for 500 Rupees at McD would have filled our stomachs but a meal for 50 Rupees at the bakery filled our hearts <3

    What a Woman :’)

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  3. Watch their eyes.

    Some of the best advice I’ve ever heard in my life was this:

    “When looking for a partner, fall in love with their eyes. Because eyes are the only things that don’t age. So if you fall in love with their eyes, you’ll be in love forever.” – Ed Sheeran’s grandmother.

    The way a man’s eyes could move me, the colours of his iris stirring hypnotically… that was an indicator of my love for them.

    But the way a man’s eyes watched me, or locked on mine, was an indicator of their love for me. The depth of their gaze, the intensity of expression, all revealed unspoken secrets.

    The way his eyes lit up at the sight of my own joy. We were watching a comedy show. I threw back my head, a loud, cackling laugh erupting from my stomach. When I opened my eyes again, I saw that he wasn’t watching the show. Instead, his blissful gaze was locked on me.

    The way his eyes welled up when I was upset. He grabbed my hand and asked me to stay. To listen. He earnestly looked into my face, trying to alleviate my fears, to soothe my insecurities, to show me he was on my side. I heard his words, but it was his melting, warm eyes that told me he always would be on my side.

    The way his eyes remained calm in my presence. They never flashed frightening anger towards me. They remained peaceful prisms, a constant source of comfort. Once, I forgot about our dinner cooking and let it burn to a crisp. His eyes crinkled at the corners in a tinkling, reassuring smile. He laughingly drew me towards him, his arms enveloping me. “It’s okay, we’ll order pizza.”

    The way his eyes radiated distress at my own discomfort. I was sick and told him he shouldn’t come near me, he’d only get sick too. I started heaving out great, racking coughs, my nose running into a tissue. He looked at me, his eyes the deepest pools of sincerity. Without any doubts, he told me he wasn’t going anywhere.

    The way he watched me when I wasn’t looking. I woke up, stretching and grunting into the consciousness of the morning. I opened my eyes to see him watching me, the most honeyed, doting look on his face.

    I was lying breathless after sex, and I turned to see his enraptured expression, his eyes burning with passionate fervor. In that moment, his eyes emitted a fierce affection.

    I was curled up on the couch, deeply engrossed in a book. I looked up to see him sitting across the room from me, watching me with a look of pure contentedness. Upon locking eyes with me he moved towards me, wrapping himself around my body, breathing softly into my skin.

    “What are you doing?” I asked him, bemusedly.

    “I’m just enjoying you. I’m appreciating you.” he said, looking up at me with those shining globes. In that moment, they were my whole world.

    When someone really loves you, their eyes will not be able to hide it from you.

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  4. Clara Luu

    Clara Luu

    • Washington, D.C., United States (US)

    This is about my boyfriend:

    He is not so good in expressing his feelings, but his gestures say how much he loves me.

    He never opens the cab door for me, but he makes sure that when we are walking on the road, he is at the vehicle side.

    He never misses a single cricket match, but when I cook, he makes sure that he stands beside me, and helps in roasting the chapatis, in between checking the scores in his mobile.

    He never calls me first, but when he sees a single message/ missed call from my number, he immediately leaves all his work and calls me back to check whether I am OK.

    He never call my father as “YOUR FATHER”. He refers him as papa, sometimes, I get confused, whether he is talking about his father or mine!

    He never surprises me with sudden visit at my place, but he makes sure that he is never late for a date.

    He doesn’t like pineapples, but I love them, so he buys them all the time for me.

    He loves non-veg, but he knows I can’t stand the smell, so he never orders non-veg food in a restaurant.

    Most importantly, he listens to me and never forces his decisions on me !

    What more does a girl want ! 🙂

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