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How can I unclog a sink clogged with grease?

How can I unclog a sink clogged with grease?

1 Answer

  1. If your sink is clogged with grease it’s actually an easy fix especially if the grease just went down the drain. All you need is dishwashing liquid and vinegar but the thing that can actually get it down is hot boiling water so as long as you got a tea kettle or one of those big pots that you cook spaghetti in you’re good. You just need to boil some water at least three times and pour it right into the sink drain and that’s it. You should start seeing it flush down after the 3rd time you drain it down if not try it again until you drain it down. Sometimes it helps if you pour the dishwashing liquid or vinegar at the same time you’re pouring that’ll loosen the grease up quite a bit.

    Boom you’re done and the same process works for unclogging toilets as well but I always recommend a toilet auger for the really tough ones.

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