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Does smoking marijuana affect your liver?

Does smoking marijuana affect your liver?

1 Answer

  1. Yes, It can affect a lot on your Kidney and lungs. But, not on Liver. You can use other methods of taking Medical Marijuana. Medical marijuana is proved to be one of the best medicine in curing many diseases when consumed by doctor's recommendation.

    Once you have obtained your recommendation and/or card, you will be able to enter and purchase different types of cannabis from a local marijuana dispensary or collective. Smoking marijuana flowers is a well-known method of administration (or “medicating), but there are better alternative ways to gain the benefits of medicinal cannabis —

    Vaping Medical Marijuana

    Medical Marijuana Edibles

    Medical Marijuana Tinctures

    Medical Cannabis Transdermal Patches

    Medical Marijuana Suppositories

    Medical Marijuana Topicals

    Ingesting Fresh Medical Cannabis

    Medical Marijuana Beverages

    Dabbing Medical Marijuana

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