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Does high school matter?

Does high school matter?

1 Answer

  1. Homeschooled teens do fine without going to a brick and mortar high school. Depending on how well it’s done, the education can be better and the socialization can be much better.

    High school can be replaced with something better.

    But if the question is really, “Can I slide through high school with barely passing grades and not have it affect my life?” “Can I drop out of high school without it affecting my life?” The answer to both is: It depends. It depends what someone does instead of high school.

    If they decide to smoke weed in their parents’ garage, that won’t help them move forward. If they decide to get a minimum wage job because they believe that’s the best they can do, that won’t be helpful.

    If the plan is college, then riding out high school with poor grades won’t look good to a college. (Colleges want to be confident that someone is prepared and capable of the work.) In that case it would be better if they homeschool themselves (eg, become an autodidact) to explore what they’re really interested in.

    If the question is really, “Will I miss out on anything if I drop out of high school?”to that the people who loved high school will say “Yes!” The people who were glad to be done with it will say, “No.” Anyone who questions the worth of high school already knows what the answer is for them.

    It can take some out-of-the-box thinking to find opportunities outside of school for a teen. If someone has tried and they’re out in the boonies with no car and no other homeschoolers around, then making the best of high school would be the best option. A focus on grades can be draining for those who don’t naturally absorb what’s waved before them. Join clubs. Get involved. Find positive things to do.

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