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Does anyone know what is meaning of “Bat Fied Rice” these day?

It’s an idea of Lululemon’s fires art director, called ‘Bat Fried Rice’ shirt


3 Answers

  1. Clara Luu

    Clara Luu

    • Washington, D.C., United States (US)

    The athletic-wear company Lululemon has issued an apology after its art director shared a post of a “bat fried rice” shirt design that was criticized as being racist.

    Trevor Fleming, global art director at Lululemon, shared a link on Sunday via Instagram to the shirt design first posted by California artist Jess Sluder, according to USA Today.

    The shirt highlighted a Chinese takeout food box decorated with bat wings and “no thank you” written on the back. The shirt was titled “Bat Fried Rice” and was available to purchase for $60 before it was taken down.

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  2. theories that the virus was caused by people consuming “bat soup,” a common false narrative shared throughout the internet.

    Other outrages about the shirt stem from more somber anecdotes, such as several reports throughout March, citing Asian Americans being attacked as the virus outbreak gripped the nation.

    Bat Fried Rice - T-Shirt

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  3. Lululemon, the Canadian apparel company, has apologised for an “inappropriate and inexcusable” social media post by an employee that caused an uproar in China and threatened to disrupt its rapidly expanding operations in the world’s second-largest economy

    As with the 2003 Sars outbreak that originated in southern China, the coronavirus is believed to have originated in bats before possibly jumping to humans through an intermediary host such as pangolins. Last month Republican US senator Ted Cruz of Texas attacked critics who blame Mr Trump for the severity of the pandemic in the US, which has the world’s largest number of infections and deaths, saying the president wasn’t the one “serving bat soup in the Wuhan province

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