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could a straight man be in love with another man?

Could a man find himself attracted to another man and yet still be considered straight? i have a friend that tells me always that he loves me and i could see that he acts just as a normal male would. i mean, he does not act like a gay. i find this weird and so i try to help him out.
what do you think? is this possible?

  1. I can’t speak from direct personal experience because I’m not the least bit straight, or even bi, but anecdotally:

    • Money or the like. Enough said.
    • Curiosity. Guys who are not particularly homophobic but still clueless about LGBT stuff may not get why actual gay guys seek out same-sex relationships. Conservative religion makes it sound as if it’s about the thrill of being naughty, or about specific sex acts (when of course it’s almost entirely about being same-sex attracted), so they decide they may as well give it a try.
    • Desperation. In prisons etc, where women are not available, some guys decide that the personal touch and/or orifices that another guy can bring is better than nothing at all.
    • Domination. A significant number of guys think of sex as ritual humiliation of the woman and get off as much or more on the power trip as on the actual sex (these are often the sexual predators/harrassers/rapists). If an actual woman isn’t available to humiliate, a gay guy will do.

    That said, you have to take any apparent examples with a grain of salt. More often than not it’s about some bi or gay guy who’s not comfortable with the words “bi” or “gay”. In particular, patriarchal cultures tend to channel all relationships into the Domination mold, so you often find “local-word-seemingly-meaning-straight” actually encompasses gay men who sneak out at night to have sex with men as long as they only take the top role.

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