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Assistance needed with my yahoo email account please?

I need someone to hack my email, I forgot my email, and changed my phone number.


2 Answers

  1. To recover the old yahoo password, you must first go to the official Yahoo account sign in section. Now type your yahoo mail ID and click on forgot the password. This is a simple method,

    Now, it is a little bit difficult to recover yahoo password without recovery phone number and password. You can try some advance steps to reset your yahoo password.

    For advance steps and opinion you may consider how To Reset Yahoo Mail Password, otherwise, follow the simple steps below-

    Steps #1: Go to the Yahoo sign-in page

    Steps #2: Click I don’t remember password

    Now once you have entered the next section, you have click on the option ” I don’t remember password.” There is also an option for you to choose even if you have forgotten the Email ID. (But here we are concerned only about the recovery of password, not the Email)

    Step #3: Enter your Yahoo Email ID

    Now the next step is to add your valid email ID, which will lead you to the next phase of recovery. Here in this step, you have to provide the valid Yahoo Email ID which you have used during the signup process, i.e. creating the Yahoo Account. This step is necessary because they should confirm that you are a Yahoo account user.

    Step #4: Click on options for password Recovery

    In this section, you are going to get three options- Mobile phone number recovery, Alternative Email Address, and final one Secret Questions. Of all the three choices, a single option answered correctly can help you to give your old password. However, if you fail to respond, try simultaneously for the next opportunity that one of it is, of course, going to help you for recovery.

    I hope it will help you.

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  2. The best you can do is contact Yahoo: Help for Yahoo Account

    If you can prove that you control two factors (ie, phone and email) that were previously and recently associated with the account, you might have a chance. However, to Yahoo, there is no difference between a previous rightful owner and a troll or hacker without something like that

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